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My Sign: Cancer

My Pets: Miss Taffy McFluffybutt

“Baby, if you’ve ever wondered. Wondered whatever became of me, I’m living on the air in Cinci– Bardstown, Bardstown, WOKH … ”
or something LIKE that, That was the (sorta) theme song to one of my FAVORITE T.V. shows when I was a kid. It ran from 1978-1982. I always wanted to be a cross between Andy Travis, the Program Director and the crazy morning guy, Dr Johnny Fever. lol

I did what most kids did in the 80s I played records on a record player. I graduated to a tape recorder with a radio built in. I recorded my favorite songs from the radio (like ever other kid) and I hated when those annoying DJs would always talk over the songs! Why did they do that?! Geez! It didn’t take long before I was “Playing Radio” I called it. A friend and I would listen to a song, then make up our own commercials and even sing jingles, silly stuff. I remember thinking, “Wow, it must be so cool to be able to talk on the radio! I bet you have to go to college for years and years and have a couple of degrees and have a LOT of experience in talking in front of people.” So I chalked it up as a dream job.

I am from Nelson County, went to St. Benedict Elementary in Lebanon Junction, and attended Bethlehem High School.

I had planned on studying Law until I realized how long I would have to go to school. One day a thought came to me, “I wonder just how much school it would take to be in radio?” So I called my local radio station, which was the one we tuned-in to when it snowed and then prayed for a Snow Day … WBRT, 1320am. That phone call led to a meeting with Tom Isaac, and the rest is history!
Back then, WOKH was known as 96.7fm, and I worked with WBRT at the same time. Since Tom was a newsman, there was a heavy emphasis on learning news. Not only did I learn how to write and read news, back in those days we listened to scanners and kept up with any and all accidents and news throughout the area. I also learned how to write and produce commercials (producing), and how to promote events, even non-profit. With about a year’s experience, I got a call from WQXE, asking if I would like to come over for an interview. I began working weekends at Quicksie soon after, writing news on the side. The mid-days spot soon opened up and I began working full time. I was interim Program Director, where I learned to schedule music, and I even went to various local schools to give talks for Career Days!

I’ve also worked at:

103.5 fm WASE (it’s now WAKY)
105.5 fm WLVK The Big Cat (now known as The Cat)
Cox Radio: WVEZ LITE 106.9, WRKA 103.1, WHMX 103.9 80s hits, & WSFR 107.7
WKMO 106.3fm The Bear, 102.7fm WMQQ The Bear, WIEL, WRZI 107.3 the Point

This sometimes included working part-time in news, filling in whatever shifts needed, writing and producing commercials, acting as Public Service Director, Promotions Director, and volunteering with Habitat For Humanity, and other non-profit organizations.

In 2000, Milt Spalding and I volunteered our services from the small business we had created, VisionWorks Media, in promoting the Ky Bourbon Festival!

During the time while I was working at Cox Radio in Louisville, I was working at Metro Networks. There, I was a news writer and anchor for many stations throughout Southern Indiana, Northern Tenn., and Central Ky.

During my time in radio, I have met people I don’t think I would have EVER been able to meet otherwise. From well known UK players (both football AND basketball) to royalty. A Princess, she was short and had lipstick on her front teeth! lol The Prince of Monaco, Albert II only son of Prince Rainier and Hollywood Screen Legend Grace Kelly, he bought me a drink once at a party to replace the one his friend spilled on my arm. I’ve met a Vice President, and the second man to walk on the moon. I’ve sat and talked with a Hollywood actor that acted in the Sopranos and in both Godfather movies. I have been involved in phone interviews with music legends such as Bill Medley of the Righteous Brothers.
After all the musicians and celebrities I have met, the only one that I was impressed with the most and was ‘Fan Girl’ over, a LIVE phone interview I did for WBRT in 2019. It was David Bellamy of the Bellamy Brothers. I have listened to their music for as long as I can remember. He was so gracious and down to earth. That is what I love, when I’ve met celebrities and they are so down to earth. Others? Eh, not so much.
I am a connoisseur of music. I love music! Even if I don’t especially LIKE a certain type, I still respect it. I enjoy whatever finds a groove with me. It’s all thanks to my mom for introducing me to music, she loved 60s music and that’s where my education began. Btw, I’ve been asked this a lot lately … “I don’t know how many concerts I’ve been too, because I can’t remember the last time I’ve had to pay for a ticket. lol These days, I keep to myself when I’m not working. Just me and Miss Taffy McFluffybutt, a bottle of wine and either a good book or binge-ing on a Netflix series.

“Btw, I finally DID get to meet someone from the cast of WKRP in Cincinnati, it was Loni Anderson who played Jennifer. For those of you wondering, she is timeless!”

I’ll leave you with this:

in the words of Don McLean: ” … do you believe in Rock and Roll and can music save your mortal soul”

Shakespeare once wrote: “The play’s the thing!”

I say, “The Music’s the thing!”

~ Heidi the Radio Goddess